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The Intelligent Illuminations Difference

Intelligent Illuminations is the only provider of secure point-to-point wireless solutions that create more efficient lighting systems. We've perfected our technology and revolutionized the retrofit roadway and area lighting market based on client needs. 

The standard intelligent luminaires (iLums) unit uses our patented technology, which replaces the current plug-in photo control unit and has the capability to remotely turn streetlights or area lights on and off. Optionally, the iLums unit can operate a luminaire via photocell, monitor luminaire energy efficiency, detect and report on fixture and circuit malfunctions, map luminaires’ GPS location, and independently transmit pre-set or real time information on each streetlight to a pre-configured location.  

Solutions for 1 or 1 Million

Our solutions are tailored to the customer's needs. Whether our customer is a large municipality moving to create a smarter and greener city or an individual property owner seeking to control a single lamp, we have the solution.

Our patented system allows individual lights to be tuned on an off as needed. Our customers have twenty-four hour, real-time access to customized system monitoring. 

For over 20 years, our technology has provided control and monitoring solutions, whether it's for one lamp or a million.

iLums is a solution that works with every luminaire manufactured and used in North America.  

Customized Solutions

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